H. Olafsson Specialty Foods

Welcome to our new website!

The purpose of putting up the site is to help our current customer base here in the Omaha area to look at the product categories we have available to them, both on a daily basis and as well to source special order items for their planning menus/purposes!

On this site you will find the products we stock weekly from our vast network of vendors/importers/ manufacturers both in the USA and Europe.!

Also you can link directly to our suppliers/importers websites, to further look at their long list of items they have available for us to bring to you upon your request.!

Since 1996 we have been, and still are, sourcing high quality food  products from great companys around the world, constantly increasing variety of faboulous food ingredients that are made available to us.

We hope that you, the Omaha area chefs will be able to utilize our info site, and urge you to contact us with any requests, for availability, prices, etc.,

Of course we love to have you come visit us at the warehouse and take a look, you never know there might be just the item you were looking for …?